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Kids’ Course

Quick Details

Child (Ages 4-12, Parental or Adult Supervision May be Required)

Ropes Course for Kids

Get your kids in on the fun in our expanded kid-friendly course! We have taken some of the most popular elements from our main ropes course to create a new course that is only 3 feet off the ground! Now, young climbers can experience the real deal, including zip lines that are no higher than a kitchen table!

This kid-friendly course is the perfect way for children to boost their confidence. Not only can they try out equipment specifically designed for young climbers, but they can also look on as others take on our main course and learn the ropes.

Children can either stay on the kids’ course for the entire duration of this self-directed experience or, after growing comfortable with our kid-friendly option, they can choose to upgrade to our main ropes course!

Please Note: Although adults are not required to purchase tickets or put on saftey gear for the Kid’s Course, an adult must be present in order to assist those younger children that may not be able to navigate by themselves.